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folks – it’s that time of year where we shut down the ‘ole mothership and head out for a much needed break. anything ordered AFTER WED. DEC 19th WILL NOT ship until after the new year. so get those last minute orders in quick! thanks for supporting us this year and we’ll see you in 2013, hopefully with some great new releases in tow!

in the meantime, here are some of the things i really enjoyed listening to this year:
spiritualized ‘sweet heart sweet light’
tamaryn ‘tender new signs’
jessica bailiff ‘at the down-turned jagged rim of the sky’
lotus plaza ‘spooky action at a distace’
ringo deathstarr ‘mauve’
toy s/t
torche ‘harmonicraft’
young prisms ‘in between’
moonbell ‘parallel’ ep
diiv ‘oshin’
white manna s/t
broken water ‘tempest’
merchandise ‘children of desire’
gunn-truscinski duo ‘ocean parkway’

deep space show during hopscotch fest!

while we’re working on the site, just thought i’d mention we’re having a show during this year’s hopscotch fest in raleigh from 12pm – 3pm at humble pie on september 11! if you’re in town, come on by and say hi. glissade and the white cascade (great local shoegaze) are on tap to play, and we’ll be spinnin’ tunes and giving away records and whatnot.