Glissade “Further” 2xLP

DS002 Glissade “Further” 2xLP

500 pressed; 200 BLUE+Bonus “Waves and Rolls” CD/300 BLACK

Gatefold jacket

“It is very rare that we get a slab of vinyl to review here. Equally surprising, the vinyl is from a NC band, Glissade. Further, Glissade’s sophomore release on Deep Space Recordings is stunning! Further is reminiscent of early Spacemen 3, Can, Mogwai & pre Wall Pink Floyd, full of druggy neo psychedelia & instrumental shoegaze. Walls of guitars & synthesizers cascade around the listener enveloping them as melodies delicately glide. Songs rise & fall w/ great precision & ease but without typical song structure. Songs flow into one another as smoothly as the songs do themselves, much as a concept album would. The mood is never broken though many of the tracks are different from one another. Further gives the listener the impression of looking in on a otherworldly realm created by Glissade. Dare I say the best instrumental rock record released by a NC band? Yes. Recommended tracks-First Rays, Daybreak, Further. 4 out of 5 stars.” – Creative Loafing

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