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hey folks, so we’re excited to announce that we’re going to be putting out a US vinyl version for the new SULK lp ‘GRACELESS!’ if you haven’t heard of these UK boys yet, it’s just a matter of time. if you’re a fan of the golden age of the madchester scene – stone roses, charlatans, happy mondays (or any late 80s/early 90s britpop really) – you’ll be in heaven. check out their new video for the song ‘FLOWERS’:

the UK album release is 4/15, and our version will be out sometime in june/july.

and if this wasn’t enough, we may have some more to announce soon…stay tuned! while you’re waiting, check out their other videos, too!


HEY, IT’S 2013!

man, is this really my first “real” update of the new year? well, just when you thought we were probably dead, we’re back and hoping to have to new release news REALLY SOON – i think this year is going to be fantastic for us and we hope you’ll agree! anyway, i will update as soon as i can, so stay tuned!


folks – it’s that time of year where we shut down the ‘ole mothership and head out for a much needed break. anything ordered AFTER WED. DEC 19th WILL NOT ship until after the new year. so get those last minute orders in quick! thanks for supporting us this year and we’ll see you in 2013, hopefully with some great new releases in tow!

in the meantime, here are some of the things i really enjoyed listening to this year:
spiritualized ‘sweet heart sweet light’
tamaryn ‘tender new signs’
jessica bailiff ‘at the down-turned jagged rim of the sky’
lotus plaza ‘spooky action at a distace’
ringo deathstarr ‘mauve’
toy s/t
torche ‘harmonicraft’
young prisms ‘in between’
moonbell ‘parallel’ ep
diiv ‘oshin’
white manna s/t
broken water ‘tempest’
merchandise ‘children of desire’
gunn-truscinski duo ‘ocean parkway’


hi folks – we’ll be closed for the rest of the week for the holiday, but feel free to order – just be aware that NOTHING WILL SHIP UNTIL NEXT MONDAY, 11/26.

now, a few things to take note of since i haven’t updated the site in a bit:
– MOONBELL cds are just $5 in the shop all month long!

– WHITE CASCADE is in the studio recording their debut full-length! once they have something to post, i will definitely share it here.

– THE FAUNS euro tour with ringo deathstarr was cancelled. keep an eye out though, as they may be heading stateside sometime soon!


so the moonbell cds came out great! they are “zero carbon footprint” digipaks that include 100% recycled, post-consumer water bottle trays. the street date for this is 4/3/12, but you can order it now from out online store!

don’t like to buy before you hear? you can stream the whole thing here now!


whoa, and now for our first release of 2012: MOONBELL! we’re happy to share we’ll be putting out a cd (yes, a cd! our first one!) of moonbell’s brand new ep ‘parallel‘ that will also include a reissuing of their first, self-released ep ‘figurine,’ all in one nice, 100% recycled digipak. the band is a three-piece from san francisco that draws influences from all over the late 80s/early 90s shoegaze scene. i am extremely excited to be working with them!

so while you wait on the edge of your seat for a release date, you can check out the ‘figurine’ ep in the payer on the right of the page.